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The word is synonymous with “difficulty”. Calculus is the next level of math, built on the foundations of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The distinguishing factor is that mysterious entity known as the “derivative”, a quantity said to paradoxically represent the slope of a curve. There are dozens of formulas that you need to memorize, but if you really want to excel in this discipline you’re going to need to understand just exactly why you’re using those particular formulas in the first place, and what the significance of each one of them really is.

Very few of us have been blessed with a truly Newtonian mind or Pythagorean education, which are the only ways for Calculus to be a breeze. For the rest of us, there will be a lot of confusion and rote memorization. Don’t fret if you find yourself needing quite a bit of help with your Calculus homework… just go and get yourself a calculus tutor. Many high schools and colleges understand that an adequate Calculus education is an intensive one, will have one or more tutor on hand, and will encourage all students to take advantage. One definitely shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking professional help.

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